What is Hoota Booie?

Growing up, our adorable grandpa always made sure we had the best adventures. Whether it was go-carts, taking our driving test (at the age of 7 years old), driving a golf cart up a trailer, hot tubs, pulling the wagon behind moving vehicles, or ice cream and rice crispy treats. When we decided on our fun adventure, grandpa would remind us “HOOTA BOOIE!”.

Hoota Booie means adventure and fun in the great outdoors, just like Grandpa always delivered.

What does Hoota Booie Do?

We sell comfortable, sustainable, clothing and hats for the adventurer that is a lover of the Mountains and Ocean. Snowboarding, hiking, surfing, snorkeling, backpacking, trail running, snowmobiling, wake surfing and so much more. We provide eco-friendly packaging.

If you love the outdoors, Hoota Booie is for you.